Prirazlomnoye generator project 2004 - 2005

At the time of writing this, I am still working on the Prirazlomnoye project in St. Petersburg, Russia. Siemens is delivering the two (optional three) main electrical power generators for the Prirazlomnoye, which will be the first oil production platform offshore north of Siberia in Russia. The generators can deliver 30 MW each, and are driven by General Electric LM2500+ gas turbines and a Dresser power turbine. The electrical alternator is made by Siemens Dynamowerk in Berlin. Siemens also deliver necessary controlgear for the generators, and a power management system. My job is to be Siemens' daily technical contact with the customer, and I am based in the offices of the engineering company Rubin, that has been chosen by the end customer as the main engineering company for this project. Rubin is a Russian state owned enterprise.

The monument in front of the Rubin office, also give an indication of other products they are involved in. This, and the fact that no hardware for Prirazlomnoye has been inspected by me yet explains the limited number of photos from this project to date.

(c) Thomas Høven 2004