2. General info about this site

The main intention with these pages is to tell people I meet something about me, my travelling and to show some of my photographs. I have six sections, each with their own pull-down menu:

A gallery of photographs sorted by theme. Photographs may appear under more than one theme if suitable. Some, but not all of these photographs are also used in other sections. Other sections also contain photographs that you will not find in the gallery section, but those are not mine, or not considered good enough to stand on their own, but only to be part of a story.

Special places. When travelling, you see and experience a lot, but you are often satisfied after one visit. Special places are not necessarily great tourist destinations, but places I liked to return to. This may be because of the nice people there, the special atmosphere, the scenic views or a combination of these.

Travel stories. Brief memories and pictures from some of my travelling. You may find some hints here if you plan to go to the same place.

Living abroad. I have lived and worked on 4 continents, and this section contain some glimpses.

Work. Here you find my CV, and something about some of the projects I have been working on. Not all projects are covered, mostly those of special interest, or where I have some photos from construction sites or offshore.

Other. Here you find all that doesn't fit in any of the above. Site info, like this file. E-mail adresses. The links are mainly for my own use, as I find it easier to keep them here than on a computer, since I use many different computers around that are connected to the net. I have some friends with Web-sites, those links are also here. I maintain a very small selection of download files, typically those I find useful and people ask me for a copy of. I have also included something about photograpy, with main focus on choice of equipment, as I am often asked these kind of questions. Finally, there are some credits and a disclaimer.

BUG! The pull down menus will not work if you go back to a previously selected item in a menu. To display this selection again, you must make another selection in the meny, and then go back to the previously selected item. If you have a hint on fixing this bug, I will appreciate it.

Thomas Høven

Rio de Janeiro, June 2004

(c) Thomas Høven 2004