3. Copyright notices and permit to use photos

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For photographs, I will accept different terms and conditions depending on it's use. I have added this as I have received some questions about use of my photographs, not because photographic sales is a main source of income. There are five types of use allowed for photos taken by Thomas Høven:

1. Download for offline reading or use as a background on a single, private computer: You do not need any permission to do this. You are not allowed to forward copies of any of my photographs.

2. Use on a personal and private, non commercial web-site: You do not need a permission to do this for images downloaded from my web-site, but the following text must be placed next to the photograph as shown on your web-site: (c) Thomas Høven, www.thomashoven.com. Alternatively only (c) Thomas Høven and a hyperlink to www.thomashoven.com, like this: (c) Thomas Høven. An e-mail notifying me about this is encouraged, but not required. You are not allowed to forward copies of any of my photographs.

3. Use by non-profit organizations: I will consider free use of individual images for a specific project, but only after written agreement that includes a description of the use of the photograph. My name shall always be published/printed together with any of my photographs. You are not allowed to forward copies of any of my photographs except as agreed in the written agreement.

4. For commercial uses, I will ask typically from 100 Euro for a single photo sent by e-mail up to 500 Euro for a collection of 20 photos on a CD-ROM. This will be a higher resolution file than those on my web-site. You will have the right to use these images in your own organization and for the business it does (to be stated upon purchase) for a period of 10 years, but this will not be a sole right, and you will not be allowed to re-sell the images without my written consent. (This is sometimes referred to as "Royalty Free".) If you require a sole right, this can be granted for individual photos for an agreed period of time and area at an additional cost, typically 100 Euro for one year in one country to 1000 Euro worldwide for a longer period. (This is sometimes referred to as "Rights-managed".) The duration of sole right use may be extended - even indefinetely. If you wish to re-sell my photographs, you will be allowed a mark-up and distribution rights as outlined in the written agreement I will require for this type of use.

5. I may also sell prints, and can print up to A3+ (slightly larger than 11" x 17"), on a Canon S9000 quality inkjet and Photo Paper Pro paper. Larger prints are also available. Please e-mail me for details if you are interested. This will not include a right to re-sell copies of the print, but you will be permitted to sell the original print as purchased from me.

Some of the work related photos are not taken by me. In my commissioniong jobs, we have had digital cameras available, and several people took various shots and made them available to the entire project. All other photographs are mine (except those where I am in the picture), and I have originals on 35mm slides or digital recordings in various resolutions, all available in JPG format, some also in Canon RAW format. All photographs in the galleries sections are taken by me. The scans of the slide originals are not very good, they are done using a digital camera photographing off the image projected on a screen. One of these days, I may rent a good scanner to improve...

Thomas Høven

St. Petersburg, Russia, December 2004

(c) Thomas Høven 2004