1. Internet utilities and news:

Startsiden, Norwegian "startpage" with links & search engines. EXCELLENT (N)
Google search engine (E)
Alltheweb search engine (E)
Findsame: Search engine for text strings (E)
FAST: Norwegian search engine (E)

Din Side, general and computer news (N)
PC World, computer news and a good product guide (N)
BIBSYS: Norwegian library search utility (N)
Elingo: Great language translation utility online (E)
Dynamic Drive: Good Javascript code library(E)

Hotmail: Free web based mail utility(E)
Geocities: Web based mail and free homepage utility(E)
Start. Web based mail and free homepage utility in Norway.(N)
Web10. Low cost web hotel in Denmark. (Danish)
Info on registering a .no domain on the net (N)

Cheap way to register a domain on the net (E)
Webcafe: Good Danish site with ints and conferences on Web design (Danish)
Yahoo's hints on writing HTML (N)
Oanda: Best current conversion utility with historical rates (E)
Aftenposten: The best general newspaper in Norway(N+E)

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. If you want to know about IP addresses(E)
For Asia/Pacific region: APNIC
For North America and Sub-Sahara Africa: ARIN
For Latin America and some Caribbean Islands: LACNIC
For Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and above-Sahara Africa: RIPE NCC

Network-tools. To analyze things you find on the web, like the IP address for a web-site (E)
Bellsnwhistles. Animated graphics, backgrounds etc. to enhance your website (E)
Alexa web information service. Find out a lot about your site. (E)
W3C markup validation dervice. Check your HTML code (E)

Wunderground Weather(N + E)
CNN Weather(N + E)
Weatherforcast in Norway + links to others (N + E)
Wearther including historical data. (German)

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