4. Travel sites:

4A. Travel sites NORWAY
Trafikanten. Info on public transportation in Oslo (N)
Map with address search in Oslo & Akershus (good) (N)
Oslo airport info including info on flights (N + E)
Good search engine on travel in Norway (N + E)

4B. Travel sites WORLD
Travel Advice Unit, (UK gov.) Info on all countries (E)
Travel Advice to all countries seen through the eyes of the CIA (E)
US National Park Service: Excellent on US national parks (official site) (E)
Book hotels etc. worldwide (E + 18 other languages)
Norwegian shopping mall for travels (N)

Flightexplorer: Track ongoing flights. (E)
List of all airlines and airports in the world (E)
SAS airline (E)
Hvitserk: Travel agency in Norway offering special trips (N + E)
Natureventyr: Travel agency in Norway offering special trips, focus on diving (N)

Lonely Planet: Woldwide travel. Lots of links for each country (E)

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