8. Work related sites:

8A. Previous and present employers
Siemens International. (E)
Siemens Norway. Present employer.(N)
Kværner. I worked here for 12 years.(E)

8B. A selection of companies I have worked closely with:
Statoil, Norwegian oil company. (N + E)
Norsk Hydro, Norwegian oil company. (E)
Royal Dutch/Shell Group. (E)
Halliburton, their Singapore branch. (E)
Kensteel Engineering in Singapore. (E)
Modec, a Japanese offshore service company.(E)
Gunanusa Utama engineering and yard in Indonesia. (E)
Maua Jurong shipyard in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. (E)
Rubin engineering in St Petersburg, Russia. (E)

8C. Companies and institutions I can recommend after own experience:
EDSA Europe: Unitech.(E)
Skipselektroteknisk forening (The Norwegian Marin Electrotechnical Association)(N)

8D. Other relevant companies and institutions:
Norsok: Standards for Norway's oil industry. (E)
IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission (E)

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