2. General info about advertising on this site

NOTE: All advertising has now been removed from my site, as advertisers want a more dominating appearance than I can accept. I have left my intended advertising pages here empty, in case I decide to pick up the idea again later.

The main intention with these pages is not to make big bucks, even if I do get a few cents if you click on one of the advertisements and make a purchase with one of my advertisers. The main intention for me at this time is to learn more about how advertising on the Internet works, in order to broaden my knowledge of how things work on the net in general.

I dislike ads popping up everywhere when I use the Internet, and I do not wish the users of my site to experience the same. I have chosen to collect all my ads in this separate section, sorted on subjects that have some relevance to the content of this web-site. I ensure you, there are no pop-up type of ads on my web-site. When you use these ads, they will leave a cookie on your computer. This is used to identify me as your source if you later revisit to the link the ad is taking you to, and is used to count how many visits the advertiser receives as a result of my advertising. This counter is the basis for the payments I receive for advertising.

If you do have a bad experience with any of the companies advertising here, feel free to advise me, and I will consider removing the ad. Note: Only in the cases where your experience with a company is a result of using a link on my site, please.

Thomas Høven

St. Petersburg, December 2004

(c) Thomas Høven 2004